Dewey Beer Company

A recap of our travels to the Delaware shore for Dewey Beer Co.’s first can release.


7:30 am

We began our trek across the Chesapeake on the Bay Bridge. Playing it by ear being so close to baby’s due date, we weren’t sure if we wanted to stay the night, but we realized it may be our last chance before we have another human to think about so around 8:30 am, I started calling some hotels in our favorite small town of Lewes, DE. As we got closer, we were still unsure but with some time to spare before the can release, we popped into Hotel Rodney and got a great walk-in rate for a suite! We were then off to Dewey Beer Co.


9:40 am

We arrived at Dewey Beer Co. just as a small line was forming at their side door. We met with owners Brandon and Mike and hung out with the team as they prepared for their first can release. The best quote was from an employee who just arrived and shouted, “There’s people outside!” It was great to be a part of all the energy behind this monumental moment for a small town brewery doing big things!

11:00 am

The doors opened and can sales began! It was wonderful to see such a nice turn out of people for Dewey’s first release. We hung out for a few hours and met some amazing people. This always seems to be typical in the craft beer world. Ironically, we met another special educator and his father and probably could have talked all day with the two of them (and I wasn’t even drinking!).

1:00 pm

The weather had been perfect all morning but with rain fast approaching, we drove the short distance up to Rehoboth for a quick walk on the beach, some Boardwalk fries and two slices of Grotto Pizza.

2:00 pm

As the rain came in, we headed back to Hotel Rodney for a mid-day nap for this mama-to-be! The room quickly became our favorite out of all of our previous stays in Lewes.

4:30 pm

We headed for a quick walk around town, ending at our favorite canal-front park.

5:15 pm

We then headed back to Hotel Rodney to meet up with our friend Tom from R&L liquors that is just across the street from the hotel and has a wide variety of craft beers that you can purchase as singles! He introduced us to the owner of the hotel, Cathy, who was so open to us sharing beers right in the lobby. I popped over to Rose & Crown since it is connected to the hotel to grab a burger and fries to go. When I returned, of course Jarrett and Tom had found another couple to join in the beer share. Through some quick introductions, it ended up that I had taught this man’s daughter from second through fifth grades! What a small world!

7:00 pm

I drove us over to Big Oyster Brewing for some mussels. We thought we’d be daring and try their “Enter the Dragon” sauce which contained curry, but man was it spicy! Next time, we may just play it safe and keep to the traditional white wine and garlic.

8:30 pm

With exhaustion quickly approaching (again), we grabbed a whole Grotto’s pizza to enjoy in the room (because why not?). I did pop into Half Full for some to-go desserts. With a helpful recommendation from a customer, I chose a scrumptious strawberry cupcake and chocolate covered rice ball. Both were heavenly.


12:00 pm

We extended our check out and did not leave our suite until nearly 12:00 pm! We then headed over to Cape Henlopen for some hiking and caught a glimpse of Sam Calagione riding his bike through the park! In all honesty, he was actually texting while riding when we saw him, but he did have a helmet on. Apparently, he was working off the Dogfish Head work party from the night before. We had heard that all guests were given a cup of corn upon entering, in which they were to chew the corn and spit it out… natural fermentation, and the way many native tribes of Peru make alcohol, so be on the lookout for “Corn Spit” beer by Dogfish!


We headed back to Big Oyster Brewing for their Sunday happy hour food and drink specials. We each got a plate of their tacos, and ended up sharing our 6 person high top table with an older man who had asked to join us. And what a conversation we had with him! It was just one more instance where we are blessed with seeing the good that still exists in this world. This man was genuinely nice and just enjoyed having some people to talk with.

2:30 pm

A final walk of the town before heading home was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. We were so lucky to have one more “baby moon” before our little boy arrives and were so blessed to have met and hung out with so many amazing people; a weekend dedicated to craft beer!

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