Dirt Farm Brewing

After a cold and challenging hike at Raven Rocks in Bluemont, VA, we drove about 10 minutes to Dirt Farm Brewing.  We passed through an adorable little town with the quaintest general store. With helpful signs, we made our way to the base of a hill with a brewery resting atop. The back patio area look very welcoming, but the fireplace was already occupied. The interior was even cozier, with stone and wood adorning every corner.   

There were six beers on tap, and being able to only do a flight of four for $8 plus tax, we opted for the Tart 31, Red Merl, Stout, and Session IPA. The tart cherry tasted almost like a cherry soda without the carbonation. Tasty, but probably couldn’t drink a lot of it. The Red Merl was a nice, smooth red ale. I particularly liked the Stout of Control to warm me up, and Jarrett favored the Work Session IPA. Dirt Farm Brewing is a great place to come relax with some friends enjoying the welcoming people and atmosphere whilst peering out over a magnificent view. We look forward to returning again soon!