Eastern Shore, MD

Due to an almost continuous streak of rain for the past 3 weeks, Jarrett and I were fed up with not being able to have fun outside so all week he psyched me up for a Saturday adventure on the Eastern Shore- regardless that it was calling for rain, again.

The drive over the Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore didn’t look promising…

But we made it to Easton, MD for the Farmers Market. The weather didn’t keep all the Eastern Shore vendors away and I was able to pick up a new jar of my favorite local honey.

Marley joined and he ended up quite wet after perusing the market, but nothing a towel couldn’t fix.

We had some time before RAR’s beer release in Cambridge, MD so we visited a new kayak launch for when the day comes that the sun decides to shine again and we can finally get out on the water on the Eastern Shore.

Then a quick stop to see Oxford, MD. I really cannot wait to ride the ferry again and kayak those waters, but seeing it all by land was definitely better than wasting another rainy day inside.

A 20 minute drive further on the Eastern Shore took us to Cambridge, MD and after a short walk along the pier to see the lighthouse, we were off to RAR’s beer release.

Jarrett and I discovered RAR (short for Realerevival) Brewery nearly two years ago on our way home from kayaking on the Eastern Shore, and I am so impressed with how far they’ve come. They are unique for their marketing techniques especially when it comes to promoting their new concoctions around beer releases. After using social media to entice the many dedicated followers through a series of posts and videos detailing their newest brew, they can up the elixir and release it to the people- all around a well run event at their brewery in a town that may owe it’s own “revival” to Realerevival.

We decided to take our new purchases and head to St. Michaels, MD with some friends. We were very anxious to try RAR’s new brew “House Roast,” a collaboration with the well-beloved Eastern Shore coffee roasters, Rise Up. So we decided to pop into a park and crack open a can. Sure enough RAR continued to impress me! As Jarrett puts it, this beer hits your senses upon first smell with strong notes of coffee. Being a cream ale, that big coffee on the nose follows up with a creamy delectable smoothness. Yum, is how I would put it. We also enjoyed some Marylan, a second release beer that’s sure to not disappoint either.

Then over to Lyon Distilling. The rum here is some of the best I’ve ever had but in all honesty, I don’t drink much rum. But their motto does say, “Drink more rum.” And if I could hang out with all those people everyday I would definitely live up to that statement. They are passionate, knowledgable, and just straight up nice. Answering all questions, providing numerous samples, and even taking a picture for us. We also learned that they have begun to rent out a private back room for small parties where you get to personalize a batch!

We walked right next door to the St. Michaels Winery where we have been members for 2 years and love enjoying the free tastings for up to four people. All you have to do is buy 12 bottles a year. Not too bad when you get discounted bottles and that their Gollywobbler wines make for some sweet summer sips. (Still waiting on that sunshine.)

We continued on to the Eastern Shore Brewery next door. We have been here many times throughout the years and do love their new bar layout. They have continuously updated their beers all the while improving their quality. It is a local staple and the best thing I love about ESB is that they always host a band.

We then decided to fill our stomachs with something other than liquids- a fajitas for two plate at Plaza Tapatia in Easton, MD. It could be called fajitas for four as we ended up bringing half home with us!

A 40 minute drive back across the Bay Bridge and we were home and in need of some relaxation. Though the rain may continue for at least 2 more days, we were happy to have thrown on our rain jackets and for me, my rain boots, and make the most out of this frustrating and menacing Maryland May weather with an adventure on the Eastern Shore.