Female Solo Travel

There was a lot happening in my life in those months before I was to depart on my first solo trip.

But the scariest thing was the feeling of “not knowing.” Not knowing who I was, what I was supposed to do with my life, and if I’d ever meet someone. It is silly thinking back now but it is definitely a sad truth that so many friends can attest to- It is so scary to be in your 20’s and single. I don’t know what it is and if it is just an American thing but that’s what’s supposed to happen in your 20’s- you find someone, get married, buy a house, have kids… American Dream, right? So, let me tell you- it was scary. I almost thought there was something wrong with me and convinced myself I would be single forever.

It was a pathetic state of being and the months before leaving, with the stresses of finishing student teaching, finalizing my travel plans, and worrying about getting a teaching job was nothing compared to the horrible misery I put myself through when it came to love.

But all that changed on this First (and Only) Solo Trip. I learned to love me before anything else. I found my place in the world. I became more confident and even in a country where so many barriers could have prevented me from growing, I found a deeper truth about who I am.

I cannot promote anything more than embarking on a solo trip. It is truly rewarding and the self-discovery will change your life. As a female, there is definitely more fear involved, but you need to learn to take chances and embrace these fears. Traveling solo gives you the chance to be self-reliant and independent. It allows you to face fears and overcome them, and in turn develop a stronger self.